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We're an artisanal bakery in Hamilton, expressing our love for you through creative pastry work with the best seasonal ingredients that Ontario has to offer.

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Assorted Pastry Box

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The Assorted Pastry Box includes a rotating variety of sweet and savoury pastries designed around our weekly trips to the market, baked early Sunday morning and delivered to your door while as fresh as can be!

Our pastry offerings change weekly, with the seasons and the availability of our region’s best ingredients. One of the nicest ways to experience the spirit of Kitchen Island is with our Assorted Pastry Box, which will lavish you with an array of seasonal pastry glory!

This week the Assorted Pastry Box includes: 

  • Swiss Chard and Cheddar - Freshly baked buns filled with swiss chard, cheddar and a touch of cumin.
  • Sausage Rolls - Our made-in-house puff pastry is stuffed with our favourite Smither's Sausages mix.
  • Apple & Rhubarb Turnovers - Ontario rhubarb (that we saved from the spring) and local apples baked in our buttery and flaky puff pastry shells.

Pre-orders are available every Tuesday to Thursday at 9:00 PM (or until sold out).
Delivery on Sunday morning, 8:30 - 11:30 AM

We now have greeting cards to include with any deliveries you kindly send to loved ones!

If you know that you’d like our pastries delivered regularly, consider joining The Breakfast Club!